Stories in Words & Pictures.

Brand stories. Personal stories. Unique stories.


There are billions of stories in the world. This one is yours. I am a storyteller. I give form and voice to stories crying out for an audience. The voice is clear, concise, and captivating. Some of the stories are short chapters of a larger work - like the pages of a website. Other tales stand alone - like personal bios and videos. I take the elements of companies' and people's stories and I craft them into cohesive, compelling narratives using words & pictures.

Stories throw light into dark corners. They create mystery. They reveal magic. They star captivating characters. They connect you with your audience. They put you center stage, in the spotlight, to the delight of your fans, old and new.

What story needs to be told? Should it be spun with words or pictures? Moving Pictures? Still pictures? Is it the story of Your Company? Your Tribe? Yourself? Your Products and Services? Your Brand? Ultimately, these are all parts of Your Whole Story.

Content Strategy

“Strategy is not really a solo sport — even if you’re the CEO.”

— Max McKeown, The Strategy Book

Ya can't pull off this caper without a plan, see. And the plan's gotta be clean. Ya hear me? Think it through. It's the long con. Ya plan short and you'll come up short. Ya pickin' up what I'm puttin' down? It don't matter what your game is. If ya work out every piece of the plan, and the plan's solid, you're gonna score. If ya think of the plan as ever-evolving, ya can keep it rollin'. Everything ya do has to be part of the plan.


“Good Content is Useful”

— Erin Kissane, The Elements of Content Strategy

Content consumers are sophisticated. They see through fluff that's created simply to attract attention. Good content is about more than just using the 'right' keywords. A killer video isn't just a different version of the latest viral campaign. When your content is authentic and relevant, it resonates with your audience. No tricks required.


“Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer.”

— Shirley Polykoff

The AdMan sat down with the Copywriter. The wall panels were dark. Wire-caged, overhead lights bathed them in a warm glow. They sat across a rough-hewn dark walnut table. Their chairs were overstuffed, Elvis velvet red and creamy leather wingbacks - comfortable, but not too comfortable. One slid a steaming cup of coffee onto the table. The other settled a pot of tea and matching porcelain cup uncomfortably close to the table's edge.

Great Rabbit Copywiriting

The Copywriter settled back into luxurious leather, gave the AdMan a wry smile, “What's the story?"

The AdMan leaned forward from the velvet plush. Elbows on the table, he laid it out, “These guys have a lot to offer, but no presence. They're faceless. People aren't connecting with them."

The Copywriter poured tea into his cup, breathed in the earthy steam, “So is the story about the problem they solve, the people behind the company, or the products?"

The AdMan relaxed and took a sip of his coffee, cooled to Goldilocks perfection, “It's about the people – getting across their personality, lifestyle and philosophy. That'll connect them to their tribe."

The Copywriter gave him an Indiana Jones smirk. “Tell me everything about them."

Photo & Video Production

I lowered the blinds and rolled up to my Steelcase desk – made to stop bullets. I can vouch for that personally. I slid the SD card into my laptop, resting on the ink blotter. Yeah, I use a blotter. I like the vintage look. Images flashed across the screen. It all made sense.

That's the way with pictures. They pull you inside a place and a culture. You get a feel for an entire organization. What they do. Who they are.

These guys were smart. They understood photographic strategy. They'd done it right; spent time thinking about what the images needed to say about them.

The card had a video file. I hit Play. Flickering light shifted across my face. Long shadows danced on my office walls.

It was a brand video. If a picture's worth a thousand words, video's got to be worth a million. I was really starting to like these folks. The video had high production value - essential to staying relevant and connecting with people.

That's why I do my video work with the Cosmic team. They create strategically-focused brands, websites and videos that are effective, intuitive, and engaging. I partner with them to produce, write, direct, and edit videos and complex photo shoots. In my business, having a good partner is vital. Check out our reel.


The Great Rabbit is the secret identity of Matt Steele. A storyteller at heart, I started creating stories when I was a kid and never stopped. My earliest tales involved Fruit Cocktail – a Snowshoe Rabbit that only I could see. I got serious about storytelling at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where I snagged a BFA in Film. I've worked with international corporations, independent production companies, as well as small and medium businesses. I'm stoked on learning about new industries, businesses, and people - and telling their stories.

When I'm not creating stories for clients, I pursue storytelling by running role playing games, musing about content strategy, listening to NPR, a podcast, or relaxing with a book (electronic or analog), a cup of tea and Roswell, my talkative black cat. A dedicated indoor enthusiast, I can sometimes be found soaking up Vitamin D at an outdoor music festival.